Gedichten geschreven in September 2013

  • Once there was... (Death revisited)

    Dit is een uitbreiding op een eerdere blog entry genaamd Death, misschien niet heel vrolijk.


    Once there was joy and life was nice

    But joy is fleeting so it had to pass

    And life was not so nice anymore

    A wasteland started to form


    Once there was love and life was good

    But love is a fable and I outgrew fables

    And life was not so good anymore

    The wasteland started to grow


    Once there was happiness and life was great

  • Death

    Once there was joy, love and happiness...
    Joy is fleeting, love a fable and happiness a delusion...
    Now there is a barren wasteland...
    Death is beckoning...
    And I find myself walking towards him so I can find peace in his sweet embrace...